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Sylvan Glen So-yesterday-we-experienced-just-how-amazing-our-local-firefighters

So yesterday we experienced just how amazing our local firefighters and voluntee

So yesterday we experienced just how amazing our local firefighters and volunteers are.
At 2pm a large tree came down over a power line and sparked which turned into a very large fire.
Within 15 minutes we had 5 fire patrols on the scene.
Seeing first hand just how quickly the fire spread it really hit home just how terrifying it must have been for all those that have been seriously affected by these recent fires.
Thank you thank you thank you
For saving our little village yesterday if it wasn’t for you amazing people we would have found ourselves in a much worse position today.

Sylvan Glen So-yesterday-we-experienced-just-how-amazing-our-local-firefighters.xx&oh=63662e5d00dc5e8862f35a875a5154b3&oe=5E71BFEC
Sylvan Glen So-yesterday-we-experienced-just-how-amazing-our-local-firefighters.xx&oh=4f12396faae7a5b18a67a3123f43df5f&oe=5E65F785
Sylvan Glen So-yesterday-we-experienced-just-how-amazing-our-local-firefighters.xx&oh=93263b868d5f6048a0947737829b4f01&oe=5E7FE0B3
Sylvan Glen So-yesterday-we-experienced-just-how-amazing-our-local-firefighters.xx&oh=625e812a564becd5ea9ab66965e8b636&oe=5E7CEFE2


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